2B Concept Consulting

Individual concepts for your
sustainable success in the global wine market
Natural, uncompromising quality

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That's the 2B Concept

2B Concept Consulting is an independent agency for the holistic consultation of wine producers. The aim is to produce wines close to nature for the production of high-quality and value-resistant wines. We do not follow additive oenology, but promote natural oenology for a maximum of real quality. 2B consists of the specialist consultant Carsten Heinemeyer, Dipl. Ing (FH) and cooperation partners from the international wine industry. 2B also supports GIZ (Society for International Cooperation) for BMZ projects. For you, this means that we develop concepts that are targeted and professionally tailored to your company. These include tailor-made solutions for sustainable production and marketing – for the future of your company.

Partner network

We possess about a full partner network for :

  • Oenology & cellar management
  • Advice for organic viticulture & wine production
  • Marketing and CD Development
  • Businessconsulting
  • Project management
  • Wine production site plannings
  • Wine analytics

The name is our concept

We don’t give simple recipes. 2B develops sustainable production and marketing concepts from the vineyard to the bottle. Wine has become a pure consumer product in modern times, often defined only by the price and trendy labels. Our goal is to generate a real surplus value for the produced wines. How convinced are the quality wines of international format produced exclusively with principles close to nature.

A holistic analysis from the vineyard to the given facilities is particularly important. We have many years of experience in production, marketing, research and development in the field of oenology. This enables us to develop well-founded, practice-oriented and demand-oriented concepts for production and marketing.

Your benefit is independent, practice-oriented and scientifically based advice



Our service offers to you

  • Analysis of production from the vineyard to filling for cost-effectiveness and quality
  • Creation of process manuals & process descriptions
  • Conversion of wine production to organic and sustainable production
  • Process optimization of the production chain from vineyard to cellar to bottling
  • Development of concepts for market-oriented, sustainable wine types
  • Development of marketing concepts for new target markets
  • Microbiological control of production (screening of microflora etc.)
  • Introduction of fermentation management for alcoholic and malolactic fermentation (MLF)
  • Courses for winemakers, gastronomy and wine lovers

The methodology

Inventory of previous production methods and procedures

Definition of objectives
What are the company’s economic and strategic goals?

Identification of feasibility
Identify market opportunities and limitations

Package of measures
Develop the necessary measures to achieve the defined objectives

Implementation of measures
Implementation of the catalogue of measures throughout operation
BPO Business process optimisation